Der neue Report ist diese Woche erschienen. Ob dieser jedoch wirklich Objektiv ist, wage ich zu bezweifeln, da die Daten durch die Eclipse Foundation selber, mit Hilfe der Besucher ihrer Website erstellt wurde. Hinzu kommt das nur knapp 700 Personen teilgenommen haben.

Da wundert es auch nicht, dass Java immer noch mit Abstand die beliebteste Programmiersprache ist und laut Statistik über 50% aller Desktop Applikationen mit Eclipse RCP realisiert werden.

Wer sich aber im Eclipse Umfeld bewegt kann bestimmt ein paar interessante Trends erkennen.

Hier noch die Highlights des Reports

Hudson/Jenkins and Git/Github are quickly gaining acceptance in the Eclipse
community. Usage of Git/Github has grown from 6.8% (2010) to 12.8% (2011)
and Hudson/Jenkins from 21.8% (2010) to 30.8% (2011).

More and more people are deploying or planning to deploy applications to a
cloud infrastructure. In 2011, 36% have plans compared to 29.5% in 2010. The
fastest growing platform appears to be a private cloud infrastructure, growing
from 16.2% (2010) to 23.1% (2011).

Mobile application development is becoming an important part of the Eclipse
community. 60% have already developed or plan to develop mobile applications.
35% have already deployed an application to an external customer and/or an
internal user. Android is the most popular mobile platform (85.3%) followed by
Apple iOS (66.3%).

For the first time in the Eclipse Community Survey, we asked two questions to
better understand who was using the Eclipse modeling projects, and how they
were being used. Over 30% of the respondents responded that they were using
Eclipse modeling or investigating its use. Of those using Eclipse modeling, the
most popular reasons were to generate code (50.2%) and create graphical
representations of models (36.8%).

92.1% are satisfied or very satisfied with Eclipse.

Zu finden ist der Report unter

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